FARM Futako Tamagawa

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Year: 2014 | Type: Master Design Studio | Location: Tokyo, Japan | Team: Yoshiharu NOTSU, Rina TAKAGI, Inez TAN

This project aims to create new community and educational opportunities for a neighborhood losing its character, by providing an education-based farm and workshop facility that reconnects city dwellers with the agricultural process, and space for the community to gather and work together. Originally Tamagawa High School before the Tokyo secondary school system was rearranged, the site maintains most of the original school facilities, including the main classroom buildings, gymnasium, dōjō, sports fields and swimming pool.

All high school buildings are comprised of basic functions and their corresponding spaces—for example, classrooms as a row of specific functions along a corridor; a gymnasium as a large, enclosed multi-purpose space; the sports field as a large exterior open space. By preserving as much of the existing school building as possible, these spaces and functions are re-interpreted as a template for the new agricultural program.

The project differentiates old and new through material expression. The existing school buildings maintain their concrete structure, keeping the memory of the old Tamagawa High School building. Added finishes to the school buildings, adjustments to the old dōjō and new structures are expressed with wood, traditional to farm-style building.


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