Timber City

Year: 2013 | Type: Competition + Senior Design Studio | Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn NY | Team: Sarah KASPER

Red Hook, Brooklyn, a community emerging from an industrial past, sits at a turning point in its composition. Needing a forward push, Red Hook possesses the potential to emerge as a flourishing creative and design hub. Yet without proper direction, revitalization will prove challenging. Our scheme of introducing a live­work mixed use complex along the waterfront will guide Red Hook towards an enlivened future by not only introducing a new addition to the job market, but also by providing healthy and vibrant living conditions, creating a balanced environment for residents and community members alike.

Focusing on the live­work model of housing and commerce that entirely eliminates the commonality of commuting to work, and diverging from the industrial model in which workers would reside in a neighborhood far from their workplace, this concept of live­work returns to an ancient model of living where shopkeepers would live above the storefront where they sold their goods. Creating a row of studio units above storefronts along Van Dyke street will encourage a new axis of community involvement where goods hand­crafted in Red Hook are made visible and accessible to the community. This will encourageinteraction not only within the creative minds of Brooklyn, but also within the entire community as a whole.

This notion of dissolving barriers carries throughout the entire mixed use complex, as extensive reclaimed wood furniture fabrication and digital wood fabrication shops are exposed to the public eye through a play of translucency and transparency, dissolving the stereotype of dark and closed off warehouse spaces. The public can experience goods created in the fabrication shops through showrooms that create secondary circulation through the heart of the site as well as look directly into the fabrication spaces from above while enjoying the green roof recreation space.


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